Garry Ridsdale Photography
Apache Cockpit Middle Wallop

Award Winning Photography

Garry is one of the UK's most notable aviation photographers.  His eye for detail and creativity process produces work that has been commissioned globally.  He continues to be entrusted to deliver in-house imagery for civil and military aviation clients across the UK and beyond.  Garry is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, a Certified Expert in Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Commissioned Photography

Learn more about how Garry delivered a series of commissioned images to the UK's fastest growing aviation business.  Images that were aligned to their brand, culture and told the story 'About' the business rather than 'Of' it.

Choosing the Right Imagery

Imagery is an every day part of our lives and using the right images is a critical ingredient of any business' marketing strategy.  Read More......

Certified Workflow

Read how Garry manages the use of the latest photography equipment and software to deliver a photographic process that is industry certified from Capture to Output.

"Garry's aviation images are engaging, dramatic and of the very highest technical quality; they are in a word, stunning".  Hugh Griffiths, CEO, Inzpire Ltd

"It is without question that Garry is one of the most talented and finest Aviation photographers in the business" Antony Cooper, Director, Firefly Digital

Swiss Airbus 340 Departing San Francisco
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