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I'm a Professional Photographer based in Cheshire in the North-West of the UK

I began my photographic journey when I was about 11 years old with a simple 'point and shoot' film camera, used mainly to record visits to Teesside airport, various airshows throughout the UK and family holidays. Photography became a more serious hobby around 1986, the time I joined the Royal Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller.

I learned much of the craft with various Canon 35mm film cameras before adding a Hasselblad 500 C/M (Medium Format) and subsequently an Arca Swiss 5x4 (Large Format). Just like today the auto-focus systems are much better on the smaller 35mm format which is why almost all of my aviation/wildlife work is still done this way, albeit digitally now.

I've always loved the mechanics of the photographic process, the nuts and bolts if you like, particularly with medium and large format. While it is relatively easy to learn and memorise the functions of a camera - learning to apply those functions with a trained pair of eyes is the fundamental key. In my early years of understanding the craft I was fortunate to have some 'classical' photographers teach me to 'see' as the camera sees - it literally takes years to train your eyes to see a 3d world in just 2 dimensions.

My Photography business is split into 3 distinct areas. Commercial work, Tuition and Stock Imagery. On the Commercial side I am privileged to work for clients, primarily in the Aviation & Defence industry, who place their trust in me to deliver imagery that enhances their business. It is incredibly rewarding work and something I greatly enjoy. Tuition is delivered primaraly one on one across the entire photography process. I also place a lot of images with stock agencies which are subsequently sold to commercial clients around the world.

All of my digital work is exclusively with Canon equipment. For action based photography in digital 35mm terms with proprietory lenses there are really only 2 choices, Canon or Nikon. I chose Canon 30 years ago and haven't changed only switching from the 35mm analogue EOS3 to a digital 1D MKII in 2004. Today, I use a 50MP 5DsR and a 5D MKIII (both 35mm full frame), with Canon lenses that range in focal length from 11mm to 800mm. Film remains for me the pure essence of photography and occupies much of my personal work.

I was awarded Associateship Distinction (Applied Photography) from the Royal Photographic Society in 2010 having previously obtained Licentiateship status in 2004. I am a Certified Expert with Adobe for their photography editing software, Photoshop / Lightroom and have an MBA (Distinction) from The University of Manchester.

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